Friday, March 9, 2018

Hi my name is Darcy Wills im a teenager and i go to Bluford High School i have a painful secret that is going to ruin my friendship with my best friend Tarah Carson .And an even deeper lie is tearing my family apart.Unwilling to lose the people i love, I must confront my past and the truth.What i discover will change my world forever. I was on my way to school but i got there late and Tarah told me that i was late and i already knew that i was late. I should've left the house 10 minutes ago, but instead i was staring at my reflection in the mirror in my bathroom hoping that Hakeem Randall wouldn't notice the guilt i had in my eyes or worrying about getting haunted in the face. Then Tarah and her boyfriend keep on arguing about me coming over cause i dont be there in the next 11 minutes they are going to start eating without me. Tarah's boyfriend was yelling so loud that I had to hold the phone away to her ear to hear me. Then Tarah started yelling at cooper while i'm on the phone with her I put the phone down so I could inspect my face again because i was paying very close attention to my face because I had a pimple right above my eyebrow I looked and said “ why does it have to be there now “ i thought while dabbing with a cover up. I wanted to make sure that it was invisible to Hakeem because he would have noticed it and i would've been in some deep trouble. But it wasn't the only thing i wanted to hide. I wanted to hide my lies that  i told him and if he found out the lies i told him im dead.